About us


These days shoe manufacturing and mass production are on the rise. All natural materials have been substituted by synthetic alternatives that may be cheaper and easier to produce but destroy both our environment and centuries-old craftsmanship traditions.

In 2013, we founded Crupon determined never to compromise with the materials we use and to deliver impeccable hand work and transparent pricing. We perceive ourselves as dreamers who create, aim to inspire others and love what they do rather than business people that are in for the profits no matter what.
Each pair of shoes and sandals is custom and hand made for you in our family-run atelier.



It all begins with the meticulous selection of materials goes over cutting, gluing, forming, sewing and ends with careful packaging and…maybe the most important ingredient - adding some magic Crupon dust! This is what makes our products so special and different. Every pair is made especially for you in our dreams and by our hands.




We use only first-class Italian leather processed by hand with natural extracts following the traditions of generations of Tuscany masters. Turning raw leather into an end product is a slow process which takes about 40 days. The most important ingredient in the process is called tannin and is extracted from several different plants.


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Our mission is to safeguard the ancient European crafts passed on from generation to generation by making their value know to the world. Each piece of material we use and each pair of shoe we make has a real impact in the lives of local people.