Sizing help

Dear friends,

The comfort of our products, strongly depends on your precise size selection when forming your order. Every single pair of our products is made to order by the two of us in our family workshop, which means that every sandal itself is made particularly for the person ordering it.

When the production process begins, one pair takes several hours to be made. That is why we kindly ask you to take this matter seriously and measure your feet as precisely as possible. Taking your feet measures is a very easy task, which won't take you more than two minutes of your time, however it could save us hours and a lot of resources. In order for us to help you, we have developed a short list of steps regarding measurement taking, that you can find down below. Let's get started!


1. Measurements without а printer (the ones with are listed in bullet 2)

  • Please take a piece of paper and place it firmly against a wall.

  • Place your foot on it, making sure that your heel is, along with the paper, "glued" to the wall.

  • Put a mark wherever is the end of your longest toe and, therefore, the end of your foot. (most of the times, that's your thumb toe, but of course there are exceptions)

  • Measure the length from the wall to the mark. This is your foot length.

  • Once you have done that, in the description of every model we offer, you can find a unique table with measures for every model, that represents the inside of the shoe from seam to seam-the place where your foot should be placed.

Example: Your foot length is 24.2см (9.52 Inch) -> Your size will be EU38 / US8


2. Measurements with a printer


 In the description box of every product, as well as in the menu "Size Chart" you can find a file with the name "Sole Shape"
here are again:  Barefoot Version  | Barefoot Extra Wide VersionStandard Version
  • Print the file in the right format scale - 1:1 (in order to do so, please do NOT allow the "Fit to Page" or another formatting option of the printer)
  • After printing , make sure everything with the format is good by seeing if the ruler on the right side is in the right scale.One inch of it should be the same as the one inch measure on your ruler.  
  • Fold in the back side and put it against the wall.
  • Step on it and see which size fits you the best.